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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Applied Electronics (BET AE) course are developed with the intention of providing a platform for individuals to have theoretical and practical skills required by the semiconductor and industrial electronic sectors. This program which is a cross-disciplinary field provides students with knowledge in radio frequency wireless technology, semiconductor, electrical, electronic devices, control system and instrumentation, automation, mechanical, manufacturing process and project management. These are some of the necessary fields required for the electronics industry.


Additionally, students will also be exposed to entrepreneurial skills that will help them developed their own business in future time. This is done by embedding entrepreneur elements in the courses of this programme. With the introduction of Industrial Manship and Teaching Factory it will ensure the students from this programme will not only be skilled in technical aspects but also in entrepreneurship. With the booming of electronics industry in the northern region, the students will have the opportunities to be a global technopreneurs.


There are employment opportunities available in a wide range of sectors, such as Research and development, Design and Development (System, IC), Product Engineer (Electronic, RF), Process Engineer, Automation Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Service Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Quality Automation Engineer, Test Automation Engineer.


Bachelor Of Engineering Technology (Hons) In Applied Electronics




UniKL MITEC BICE is developed to ensure students gain maximum skills in specific control disciplines such as advanced process control (APC), distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). The use of these disciplines will depend on the exact nature of individual job roles.


To ensure the understanding of these specific disciplines, on the first three semesters, BICE focuses on transferring knowledge of electronics fundamentals to the students such as electrical and electronic devices, analog electronic, digital system, signal & system, sensor & actuator, microprocessor & microcontroller, etc.


For the next three semesters, BICE concentrates on the knowledge of process variables in various industrial applications. Applications which are covered in BICE are chemical & bioprocess, environmental, piping, manufacturing material, industrial automation and many more.


Programming is the heart of BICE. Various simulator and programming software will be introduced to the students such as C programming, MATLAB. MULTISIM and LABVIEW.


The hands-on laboratory component is designed to enable student to experience the installation, configuration, calibration, troubleshooting & maintain instruments (pneumatic, analog, digital) as well as implement various techniques of modern control systems in a variety of replicated industrial settings.


As an Instrumentation and Control Engineering graduates your skills will be in demand in a range of engineering and technology sectors including:

  • Automotive (Example: automobile assembly plants: – Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (PONSB), Proton Tanjung Malim (PTMSB), Honda Malaysia (HMSB), Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia (VCM), Perodua Global Manufacturing (PGMSB).
  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Telecommunication

The most recognized recruiters of Control and Instrument engineers are like the following types of organizations:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Oil and gas/power generation/energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Design or development engineer in control and automated systems
  • Utilities

Other sectors include aerospace, marine, materials and defence engineering, and environmental agencies.

Control and Instrument engineers are also employed by companies who produce control and instrumentation equipment.

Graduates will also be able to pursue further studies in Automated systems, Healthcare innovation, Robotics, Electrical and Electronics and any control and instrument related fields.


Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Hons) in Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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